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Meet Our Team

Chong-Anna Canfora

Executive Director

Colleen Sullivan

Deputy Executive Director

Annette M. Donnelly

Contract Manager

Dylan Jordan

Human Resources Director

Payton Ferris

Digital Director

Ken Toll

Training Director

David Rowden

Finance Director

Courtney Towsley

Human Resources Specialist

Walter Lodes, Jr.

Director of Apprenticeship

Jillian Dutch

Graphic Designer

Aaron Pelo

Communications Director

Anne Fairchild

Program Assistant

Emily Smith

Program Assistant

Henrietta Hadley

Fund Development Director

Josephine Jabara

Grants Manager

Michelle E. Fowler

MIS Coordinator

Southwest Michigan

Our world-class experts in Southwest Michigan are ready to serve you in the Kalamazoo, Three Rivers, Coldwater, and Battle Creek areas.

Blaine Farr

Director of Operations, Southwest

Sandy Payne

Program Technician III

Julie L. Gregory

Program Technician III

Karen Knox

Career Coach

Megan Tappenden

Career Coach

Nikki Lumsden-Romeri

Career Coach

Brianna N. Ward

Career Coach

Tina Ferguson

Career Coach

Trent Bronsink

Career Coach

Geovany Ulario

Career Coach

Southeast Michigan

Our Southeast Michigan experts are ready to serve you in the greater Detroit area in our Highland Park office.

Kevin Weeks

Director of Operations, Southeast

Sherry White-Harrison

Program Manager

Kenneth Miller

Business Services Representative

Regina Jones

Business Services Representative

Bethany Smith

Program Assistant

Vanessa Morrer


Training Division

Our Training Division team serves every area of Michigan, maintaining active partnerships with apprenticeship programs across the state to ensure our pre-apprenticeship training programs provide the most up-to-date training and development.

Theresa Olvera

Apprenticeship Readiness Program Manager

Ron Merritt

Senior Case Manager

Si’Eirria Edmonds

Lead Recruiter

Daniel Mahoney

Case Manager

Angela Haynes


Courtney Alexander


Errin Whitaker

Case Manager

Ivy Chandler

Case Manager

Rayonte Bell


Antoinette McClain

Case Manager

Vanessa Lee

Case Manager

Freddie Kelly

Case Manager

Instruction Division

Our graduates are the best prepared in their field. That’s because our classroom instructors partner with retired skilled tradesmen and women with first-hand knowledge of what it takes to succeed in the skilled trades workforce. Our classroom is in the field, so our students perfect their new talents in a safe and structured environment.

JoAnn Bailey

Instructional Designer

David Gregory


Malik Rollins


Tyrese West


Zachary El Amin


Theodore Spencer


John Perkins


LaTasha Smith


Carol Cool


Larry Tolbert


Linwood Bailey


Jim Dravenstatt-Moceri


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Our mission is to combat economic and environmental injustice by connecting the unemployed or underemployed with the training and resources necessary to find gainful employment and transition Michigan to a cleaner, greener economy.

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